May 25, 2017

    He Just Can’T Get Enough!

    By / May 25, 2017

    John is an accountant at a well-known bank in town. He has a beautiful wife and three sweet kids. At the age of thirty-five, he had almost everything he could ever want. Nevertheless, life didn’t feel complete. Something was lacking in his life, Fun. In his college years, he was a party fanatic and had a very active sexual life. At times, he would regret ever growing up from that phase because having sex with his wife was becoming too dull. Anyway, life had to go on. One day he opened up to his buddy about how ordinary his sex life was. His friend Ryan promised to take him on an adventure that coming weekend.

    He didn’t know he would find a new fetish. He always wanted to be with new women each time. He was so anxious about the adventure because Ryan hadn’t given him a heads up on what was going to happen. On that Saturday evening, he picked him up, and they went to a hotel in the suburbs of the town. Guess what, Ryan had requested two escorts; Sabrina and Amanda were their names. They were gorgeous, and their short dresses got John into the mood almost immediately. Due to the shock, John asked Ryan to step out of the room for a quick chat. That was not what he had had in mind about an adventure. Ryan swayed him that this was what would revive his sex life. It didn’t take much convincing because he had a crush on Sabrina, she was so sexy and had a nice curvy figure.

    The suite had a king size bed, so Ryan told the girls that he was into group sex and wanted them to have a foursome. The entire time John thought to himself how Ryan had gotten himself into this life yet he was married for almost a decade. Little did he know how fun this was going to be? The orgy blew out his mind totally. The girls were excellent in bed, and he not only got to taste Sabrina but also Amanda. Having both at once made him feel like he was in heaven. The following week, he was so jovial that even his wife could note some change. Ryan joked about that incidence by telling John how starved he was.

    After the orgy with the escorts, he asked Ryan where he could find the beautiful escorts. He stopped dragging his friend along and became a frequent client at After each session, he always fantasized about the next time he would be with another escort. Currently, he still loves his family, but every week he anticipates meeting a new escort and having different sexual experiences.…

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